To establish why you should be trading CFDs with CommSec, ask these questions of your existing CFD provider...

Does your CFD provider offer the entire suite of ASX CFDs?
CommSec CFDs allows clients to trade all ASX CFDs, including currency and commodities.
Does your CFD provider offer direct access to an SFE licensed SYCOM Dealer?
All CommSec CFD Dealers are both SFE licensed SYCOM operators as well as ASX CFD Accredited Advisors. Direct access to SYCOM provides faster speed to market.
Does your CFD provider offer a dedicated CFD dealing desk?
CommSec CFDs provides a 24 hours a day (during market hours) dedicated service to provide the highest level of service to our clients.
Does your CFD provider allow free access to live prices?
CommSec, via the CommSec website, gives free access to live ASX CFD prices, all existing CommSec Clients also have access to free ASX CFD prices.
Does your CFD provider allow you to trade shares, warrants, options and ASX CFDs via one platform?
CommSec clients, via our Professional Trader platform, are able to trade any ASX share, warrant, option or ASX CFDs all from one platform.
Does your ASX CFD provider provide you with a multi-currency account, and a live currency transfer tool to move money online?
All ASX CFD accounts have multi-currency capability; clients are able to move money instantly between multiple currencies online via the CommSec website or Professional Trader. There is no transaction fee for this service.

Join now and enjoy brokerage from as low as 0.055%^ on all ASX CFDs traded until 31 July 2008.

How to apply for CommSec ASX CFDs today and take advantage of this offer:

  1. Download and read the CommSec Financial Services Guide (PDF, 129KB)
  2. Download and read the CommSec ASX CFD Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) (PDF, 562KB)
  3. Download, read and complete the Client Agreement
    (PDF, 452KB)

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