Share trading basics

Whether you’re a first time trader or keen to refresh you knowledge, this is a good place to start.

How to manage margin loan risks

What are stocks and shares?

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Understanding the difference between stocks and shares.

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How to use ETFs in an SMSF

Tips for beginners

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Understanding the basic rules of investing.

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Share trading strategies

The best way to reach your investment goals is with a clear strategy. Here are some guidelines that may help you choose yours.

Developing share trading strategies

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Understanding the best way to start building an investment strategy.

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What is an IPO?

Knowing when to sell

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Understanding the best time to sell your shares.

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How to trade with CommSec

Easy to understand, practical tips for trading with confidence that will help you start investing with on the CommSec platform.

How to set up a watchlist

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How to setup a watchlist via the CommSec platform.

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How to place a trade

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How to place a trade via the CommSec platform.

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Preparing to sell

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How to sell your holdings via your CommSec account.

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Making the most of the CommSec platform

A look at the features on the CommSec website to help make informed investment decisions so you can trade online with confidence.

Quotes page

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How to use the quotes page on the CommSec platform.

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One simple place to keep you informed of the latest news about your shares.

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A way to keep track of stocks you're interested in.

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How to navigate your portfolio.

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Tools to monitor the market

Navigate the different features available on the CommSec platform with these handy tips.

Frequently Asked Questions

Search our FAQ bank for step-by-step answers to our most commonly asked questions.

CommSec offers a 'One Off Trade' (OOT) service for clients who do not wish to open a trading account but have an issuer sponsored holding they wish to sell. In order to sell your shares via the One Off Trade service you must have an existing account with the Commonwealth Bank or have a CommSec trading account. The shares you wish to sell must be held in a different name to your existing trading account. Find out more.

A dividend is a portion of the company's profits paid out to shareholders. To be eligible for a dividend, you must purchase the stock during or prior to the cum-dividend trading period and hold the stock on the ex-dividend date. Find out more.

To transfer shares held with another broker to your CommSec trading account you need to complete a Broker to Broker Transfer Form. Find out more.

A cross trade occurs when a broker executes an order to buy and sell the same security at the same time, in which both the buyer and seller are clients of the broker. Find out more.

A trading halt may occur at the request of the company or when the ASX receives an announcement from a related entity that is deemed to be market sensitive. Find out more.

Corporate actions such as dividends are handled directly by the share registry. You can access your historical dividend payments by contacting the share registries that the company is associated with. The share registry will be able to provide you with information such as payment history and tax statements. Find out more.

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