What are blue chip shares?

You may have heard the term ‘blue chip’ in reports about how companies are faring on the share market.

‘Blue chip’ is a term that’s used to describe the shares of a leading company that is considered to be a strong name in their industry and whose products or services usually dominate their respective markets.

Blue chips are typically large international corporations that have been operating for many years, are considered to be quite stable and are known for their excellent management and strong financial structure.

The term has really become synonymous with being ‘quality’ shares to buy, which is why it is quite popular.

Currently the top 10 shares by value on the ASX are:

ASX Code







Commonwealth Bank of Australia



BHP Billiton Limited



Westpac Banking Corporation



National Australia Bank Ltd.



Australia and New Zealand Banking Group Ltd.



Woolworths Limited

Consumer Staples



Consumer Staples


Telstra Corporation Ltd

Telecommunication Services


Rio Tinto Limited


Source: ASX as at 7 April 2020

The Standard and Poors (S&P) ASX 20 is also known as the blue chip index. This index tracks the performance of the 20 largest companies by market capitalisation listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX).

This is checked by S&P Dow Jones on behalf of the ASX every three months to ensure that the top 20 companies listed on the S&P ASX 20 index are in fact the 20 largest by market capitalisation. If not the companies are switched around to reflect this.

All 20 companies also make up the S&P/ASX 200 which measures the performance of the largest 200 companies listed on the ASX by market value.

Investors can purchase blue chip shares directly using a broker or through exchange traded funds (ETFs) or unlisted managed funds.

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