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Market Close Report

20 Oct 17, 4.20 pm (AEDT) The ASX 200 rose 10 points or 0.2% to 5,907. Over the week, the index jumped 1.6%. That’s after notching up a 1.8% improvement last week, and a 0.5% rise in the previous week. PREVIOUS REPORT

Petrol prices at 3-week lows

16 Oct 17. The national average price of unleaded petrol fell by 4.6c to 125.9c in the past week. 

Week Ahead

20 Oct 17. Economic highlights of the week ahead include Australian inflation data, Chinese and US housing releases, together with US economic growth and inflation updates

Reserve Bank Board patient

17 Oct 17. The minutes from the October 3 Board meeting show policymakers continue to expect stronger economic growth on the back of robust jobs growth. 

NSW jobless rate at 9-year low

19 Oct 17. Employment rose by a stronger than expected 19,800 in Sept after rising by 53,000 in Aug. Full-time jobs rose by 6,100 while part-time jobs rose by 13,700. 

Chinese economy powers ahead

19 Oct 17. The Chinese economy is growing at a near 7% p.a. And real retail spending continues to expand at a near 9% p.a.

Life expectancy lifts

18 Oct 17. Australia has the third highest male & female combined life expectancy in the world behind Japan & Switzerland. Over the last five years, life expectancy of the average Aussie has lifted from 81.9 to 82.4 years.

CBA Business Sales Index

20 Oct 17. Economy-wide spending continues to grow modestly. In Sept the BSI lifted by 0.4% in trend terms.

Options Strategy

12 Oct 17. In this note we look at a strategy employed by some professional traders. The Condor Strategy is considered a limited risk strategy that is non-directional. WATCH VIDEO

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