What is my trading limit and how do I provide CommSec with a deposit for share trading?

CommSec, unlike other brokers provides you an automatic trading limit of $25,000 which is allocated to leading stocks. Within this limit, $7,500 can also be used for non-leading stock. The trading limit allows you to place orders up to these values without any deposit requirements. Funds will be payable by you on the morning of settlement, which is two (2) business days after your buy order has executed (T+2).

To increase your trading limits you need to place a deposit by any of the methods described below (click on option for more information). The amount of your deposit should be 50% of the amount by which your trade exceeds your trading limit. For example, if you wish to buy $10,000 of non-leading stock, this is $2,500 above your automatic trading limit for non-leading stock, so a deposit of $1,250 will be required.

If you have a CDIA linked for settlement of your trades, the full balance of your account will automatically be integrated and added to your current trading limit. You can then place a trade online at any time provided there is sufficient collateral within this account. This also applies to clients who have a BankWest Money Market Account linked for settlement. 

Shares you already own can be used to increase your trading limit. We will double the market value of your CHESS sponsored holdings and add it to your daily trading limit. If you are CHESS sponsored with CommSec you can view your holdings via your CommSec Trading Account. 

You can BPAY the funds. Your unique BPAY details can be obtained from your 'Buy' confirmation contract note. If you do not have a buy confirmation contract note or are unsure of your BPAY details, please contact a Equities Associate on 13 15 19 (8am to 7pm, Sydney time).

Please note: A clearance period of up to 2 business days may apply to BPAY transfers. 

If you have a Commonwealth Bank Account linked for settlement of your trades you can call one of our client service officers to arrange a deposit on your behalf and place the order at phone brokerage rates. 

Please note: Any open or unsettled buy orders will decrease your trading limit.

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