What costs are involved with an International Trading account?

A CommSec International Trading account allows you to trade on many of the leading international exchanges worldwide, including the New York Stock Exchange, NASDAQ, and the London and Tokyo exchanges.

It’s free to open an international trading account, however you will be charged brokerage for any trades that you execute. Brokerage rates can vary depending on the country and the size of the trade that is executed.

For detailed information on the brokerages rates for international trading, please go to Products > International shares > Rates and fees

Any special costs including taxes and market fees will be charged at cost.

Why is an inactive account fee charged on international accounts?

If you hold at least one stock in your international account for a full calendar year (1 January to 31 December) and you don’t execute at least one trade during that same year, an inactive account fee of USD$25 is charged to your account. This is because in the United States, client assets are held in custody. The fee charged represents the cost of the custody broker managing the account.

If you don’t have any assets in your international account, you won’t be charged this fee. Dividend reinvestment activity is not considered to be a trade, so even if you have set up a DRP arrangement for holdings in your international account, you may still be charged an inactive account fee.

In Australia, broker sponsored assets are held in CHESS and corporate actions are largely handled between the share registry and the client. Therefore such fees do not generally apply for Australian share trading accounts.

To learn more about international trading with CommSec, please click here.



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