How to save your login details in your browser

Most browsers can remember what you’ve entered in a form on a webpage, and they’ll autofill the same info next time you visit the same webpage. This means you don’t need to remember your details every single time you log in to your CommSec account. You can give your bowser permission to store your Client ID and password, and to automatically fill in these fields for you next time you log in.

Here’s more info on how to use autofill for different browsers:

How it generally works

When you enter information in an online form (e.g. login details, your name and address, or payment information) the browser may ask you if you want these details stored for next time. Some browsers won’t ask you if you want the information stored, but next time you visit the same website, the information you previously entered will be autofilled. If you want to change your autofill preferences, you’ll need to look up the specific instructions for your browser (try the links above as a starting point).

It’s important to only use this feature on private computers or devices that only you access – never use this feature on public or shared computers.

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