What is CommSec IRESS viewpoint and how do I subscribe?

CommSecIRESS Viewpoint is our real-time dynamic trading platform for Australian shares, ETOs, ETFs and warrants. It provides a low cost, professional trading experience.

When you subscribe to IRESS, you'll get access to:

  • real-time streaming market data and quote information for equities and derivatives
  • advanced charting with a range of indicators and drawing tools, plus historical data
  • fast, easy order placement or depth order highlighting
  • extensive market watch and alert capabilities, including market overviews
  • a customisable desktop so that you can tailor your setup to suit your preferences
  • access to a range of tutorials to help you maximise your experience with the platform

How do I subscribe to CommSecIRESS?

  1. Log in to your CommSec account and go to Portfolio, then Offers & Apply
  2. On the Subscriptions tab, scroll down to the section titled "CommSecIRESS"
  3. Click the Subscribe button and then follow the prompts
  4. Once you have subscribed, go to Trading > CommSecIRESS and click on "Launch" to start using CommSecIRESS
  5. To launch CommSecIRESS, you’ll need to turn off any pop-up blockers currently enabled on your browser

For a copy of the CommSecIRESS Subscription Agreement, click here.

How do I unsubscribe from CommSecIRESS?

You don't need to unsubscribe from CommSecIRESS as it’s a monthly subscription and the service automatically cancels itself at the end of the calendar month you subscribed in. This means the subscription does not continue into the next calendar month, unless you specifically subscribe to CommSecIRESS again.

How much doesCommSecIRESS cost?

To view the list of CommSecIRESS fees, log in to your CommSec account and go to Help > Fees & Charges > CommSecIRESS, or simply click here.

For help with CommSecIRESS, call us on 13 15 19 (or +61 2 9115 1417 if calling from overseas) between 8am and 7pm Monday to Friday, Sydney time.



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