Why has my order been cancelled?

Orders may be cancelled or purged for a number of reasons, the most common of which are described below.

ASX market rules and regulations
There are parameters in place to ensure that a fair and orderly market is maintained. As a broker it is our responsibility to ensure a fair and orderly market is maintained and there is no market manipulation. For example, entering a price too far from the last traded price may result in an order not being accepted or being cancelled.

A stock has turned ex-entitlement
All orders in the market are purged when the market closes on the day prior to a stock turning ex-entitlement (e.g. ex-dividend, ex rights, ex capital return etc.). If you still wish to go ahead with your order you can enter it into the market again.

Expiry of your order
When you place an order, you choose whether it is 'Good for the Day' or 'Default Expiry'. 'Good for the Day' means that your order will expire following market close. 'Default Expiry' means your order will remain in the market for 20 ASX trading days before expiring or as otherwise cancelled in accordance with the CommSec Trading Terms and Conditions, after which your order will be cancelled from the market. Please note that Warrants, Exchange Traded Commodities (ETC) and Exchange Traded International Securities (ETIS) are 'Good for the Day' only.

At discretion
An order may also be cancelled or purged at the discretion of the ASX or your broker.

If you need further clarification on why your order has been cancelled or purged, you can contact us.



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