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08 Apr 2020

Morningstar explains their star ratings

Have you ever wondered what factors are considered by Morningstar when conducting their research and reporting on their analysis? Join us to find out more about what their ratings are and how they’re assigned.

22 Apr 2020

Finding yield in retirement

Retirees are faced with the challenge of investing to generate a stable income, protect their wealth and still generate a level of growth. Traditionally, fixed income was the gold standard for retirement investing but a low interest rate environment has made this challenging. Join us to find out more about how you can use different assets to support your retirement goals and discover how ETFs could be a versatile solution.

29 Apr 2020

Behaviour of small cap stocks on the market

How many small cap stocks would you need in your portfolio to have the same risk exposure as large cap stocks? How often do small cap stocks turn into ’10-baggers’ (stock that increases in value by at least 10 times its purchase price)? How often would you lose all your money? Morningstar will answer these questions and discuss some important factors to consider when constructing a small cap strategy.

20 May 2020

How to diversify your portfolio using ETFs

Investing across asset classes, sectors and regions is key to building a diversified portfolio and ETFs offer an easier way to diversify your portfolio. This webinar will delve into what a diversified portfolio could look like and talk about about core-satellite investing with ETFs.


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