Our Approach

  Made-to-measure advice

We have a simple purpose: to develop an investment strategy designed to meet your financial goals. Whether you’re looking to create wealth, grow your investment portfolio, or simply want advice about your next investment, we can help.

You can receive advice on a broad range of investment options, from how to enter the stock market, to expert strategies for managing your superannuation fund. And we’ll tailor your plan to suit your appetite for risk and level of involvement.


  Your Investment Adviser

The right investments are the ones that deliver towards your particular goals. That’s why your dedicated Investment Adviser will work with you to develop a comprehensive understanding of your investment needs, taking into consideration your risk tolerance to provide a solution that meets your objectives.

All of our Investment Advisers are experienced investment professionals. More than that, they can call on our extended team of economists and global research providers to deliver expert knowledge and give you an investment edge.


  Is advisory for you?

CommSec Advisory provides full-service investment advice. Our high-level offering is best suited to clients in need of personalised advice on achieving their financial goals.

Your Investment Adviser is also available as a sounding board on trading and investment ideas you might have.

Tailored Services

Services designed for you
This is how your Investment Adviser can help you achieve your strategy.

Bespoke advice and strategy

Your Investment Adviser can provide information on a range of investments, whether you’re interested in entering the stock market or improving your existing portfolio. We’ll get you on the front foot to identify appropriate investment opportunities locally and abroad, based on your objectives and appetite for risk.

Managing your wealth through diversification

We understand that protecting wealth is as important as growing it. Your Investment Adviser will work with you to manage the risks of market volatility through a diversified portfolio composed of asset class weightings that reflect your risk tolerance.

Yield management

Interest rates for savings and term deposit accounts can be volatile and sometimes fail to keep up with inflation. Your Investment Adviser aims to optimise yields with a plan tailored to you.

Short-term trading

Short-term opportunities within the ASX 200 can be difficult to spot. If they fit your risk appetite, your Investment Adviser can apply a wealth of experience to help you identify and take advantage of these types of opportunities as they arise.

Optimise your Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF)

If you’re managing your own retirement savings through a SMSF, your Investment Adviser can give you advice and support to help you set your strategy and achieve your investment objectives.

Your portfolio in one place

We offer state-of-the-art technology, available on mobile, tablet or desktop, that enables you to keep an eye on your investments wherever you are.


Choose your style
We have a range of products to meet your investment return objectives and appetite for risk.

Australian Listed Securities

You can access a huge variety of ASX- and Chi-X-listed investments directly. You can trade equities, warrants, Exchange Traded Options, hybrid securities and products like Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) and Listed Investment Companies (LICs) – all thoroughly researched by a team of experts.

ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds)

ETFs are one of the fastest growing types of securities on the market. They track certain indices to offer an efficient and cost-effective way to diversify across domestic and global markets – some of which might be hard to invest in otherwise. Your Investment Adviser can provide advice on a range of ETFs that may match your investment profile.

Fixed Income

With Fixed Income Securites you can diversify and gain a reliable income stream, even during a downturn in the share market. Your Investment Adviser can advise you on the three main types of Fixed Income Securities traded on the ASX: Australian Government Bonds, Corporate Bonds and Hybrid Securities.

Managed funds

Managed funds allow you to buy units in a trust that invests in assets, rather than investing in those assets directly yourself. This lets you diversify your portfolio across a range of asset classes while accessing investment strategies and professional management not always available to individual investors. Your Investment Adviser can introduce you to leading listed and unlisted managed funds.

International Shares

Take your portfolio overseas with access to a wide range of global markets. This allows you to diversify your investment options, supported by internal and third-party research from around the world.

Accelerator Cash Account

The award-winning Accelerator Cash Account (ACA) is our preferred account for cash management, letting you manage settlements, dividends and distributions in one place. With a competitive interest rate and no monthly fees, the ACA can be accessed via NetBank and the CommBank app.

IPOs (Initial Public Offerings or ‘Floats’)

We can provide you with access to IPOs on a non-advisory basis. Plus, if you qualify as a Sophisticated Investor, you can also receive access to wholesale IPOs.

One Off Advice

Guidance to get you on your way
If you want to manage your own investments, but would like some assistance heading in the right direction, our One Off Advice service can help you.

Contact us to arrange an obligation-free discussion around your goals, assets, cash flows and risk tolerance. If you choose to proceed, a dedicated adviser can work with you to customise your approach to suit a growth, income or defensive equities strategy. They will either design a new portfolio of shares to suit your objectives, or check that your current share portfolio is on track to meet your goals.

One Off Advice might suit you if:

  • You currently hold over $50,000 in cash or shares, either personally or in your SMSF
  • You want to manage your own portfolio but could benefit from some expert assistance to start
  • You prefer to invest for the medium to long-term.


One Off Advice



How much does it cost?

  • New portfolio construction: $550 (including GST)
  • Existing portfolio review and construction: $8801 (including GST)
  • If you’re a CommSec One2 client, you can receive a 20% discount.

Case Studies

  Solutions to suit

Hanging up his hat

Terrance Wellington

At 65, property developer, Terrance, decided to liquidate his assets ahead of retirement. However, he felt out of his comfort zone managing the sale proceeds of his business, and subsequent retirement portfolio, without professional advice.

So, Terrance decided to meet with one of our Investment Advisers. After a number of insightful conversations, they were able to develop a tailored investment framework for him. It reflected Terrance’s risk tolerance, aiming to avoid market volatility through a diversified portfolio, which he could keep track of online, direct from his new farmhouse.

A seamless transition

David and Gail Johnstone

After nearly four decades working in the city, David and Gail were ready to retire by the beach. They knew they needed to transition their Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF) into a pension phase to take advantage of the tax benefits, but they weren’t experts and didn’t want to risk their nest egg.

With the help of their Investment Adviser, David and Gail were able to increase their SMSF knowledge and apply it to their new portfolio, bringing in a sustainable income that reflected their new lifestyle. They were able to stick to their plan by keeping in regular contact with their Investment Adviser for advice and support, and by following the market movements relevant to them.

Names have been changed to protect our customers’ privacy.

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1. Price based on a portfolio with 20 stocks or less. For portfolios containing more than 20 stocks, please contact us for a quote.

2. CommSec One clients can enjoy an exclusive 20% discount on the review and/or construction of portfolios.



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