Where I Invest

Take a peek at what other young people are investing in, the stocks they’re watching, their biggest investing wins and more.

Where Hayley chooses to invest

For Sydney Chocolatier Hayley, investing is a constant learning experience. Still, she’s in it for the long haul – and she’s confident time is on her side.

Where Ellis invests

Electrical engineer Ellis likes to look beneath the surface both at work and when he invests – a strategy he’s found successful to date. Learn why.

Where Emer invests

20-year-old Sydney student Emer credits the early start on her investment journey to her high school economics teacher. Here’s what she’s up to.

Get Going

Get to grips with all the investing basics – from buying and selling to research and risk – then get going.

Finding your own way to invest

Investing your hard-earned cash is as personal a decision as they come. Here’s how to find a way that works for you.

ETFs Explained

Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs) are pooled investments that can be traded just like shares, giving investors access to a range of assets.


Six ways to research a stock before you buy

You wouldn’t plan a holiday without researching your destination. The same rule applies to investing. Here are six straightforward ways to research a stock before you buy.

How to manage your risk when investing

Most things in life come with an element of risk, and so does investing. Luckily, the power to understand and manage that risk starts with you. So let’s start here.

CommSec vs CommSec Pocket: What’s the difference?

Unsure about whether to invest with CommSec, CommSec Pocket, or both? Use this side-by-side comparison.

What to ask yourself before selling shares

Don’t let emotions cloud your judgement when it comes to selling shares. Here are some useful things to ask before making a decision.

Stock Up

Stock up on tips and tools to help you find and research a stock and understand the stock market.

Choosing investments 101

With more than 2000 shares listed on the ASX, it’s easy to fall into that ol’ analysis paralysis trap. Don’t worry, we’ve got you.

Property investment versus the sharemarket

The property versus shares debate is back on the table now more than ever. Let’s compare the two.

Australia’s 10 largest stocks 

What are the 10 largest stocks by market cap on the Australian sharemarket? Check it out here.

Markets and Money

From global markets to industries, commodities, and even culture, there’s a lot that happens in the world that can affect money and your investments. Let us help break it down.

Top 5 places to get your stock market news

Whether you like your market updates bite-sized or deep-dived, CommSec’s team of dedicated analysts and economists has you covered. Here’s where you can get it.

What’s up with petrol? 

What affects the price of petrol, and why does it get so much attention? Let’s look at the details.

What are secular trends?

What are secular investing trends, and the biggest secular trends impacting sharemarkets today.

Lessons from the dotcom

What happened during the dotcom era and is the same thing happening today? We take a closer look.

Diving into Dividends

Dividends are important returns made to sharemarket investors. This report examines some of the concepts involved.

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