Take out a margin loan and you can use your existing investments as security to borrow additional money to invest.

This can help towards generating potential greater capital growth than simply using your existing investments and assets alone.

Apply for a margin loan today

Apply for a margin loan today

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Use our gearing calculator below to see how a margin loan could help you grow your portfolio.

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~This Calculator is for illustrative purposes and produces factual information based on the input variables. This Calculator does not provide advice, nor does it represent any particular financial product, and its results are not intended to imply any recommendation or opinion about a financial product.

~This Calculator is for illustrative purposes and produces factual information based on the input variables. This Calculator does not provide advice, nor does it represent any particular financial product, and its results are not intended to imply any recommendation or opinion about a financial product.

Please adjust default settings based on your expectations.

What's a margin loan?

A margin loan lets you use cash or your existing investments as security to borrow additional money. It gives you up to 5 times the investment power, to help build a portfolio that you may not have been able to fund otherwise.

How it works

Once you've set up a CommSec Margin Loan, you transfer your existing shares, managed funds or cash into it as collateral. We calculate the lending value, which determines how much you can borrow. You can then use your available funds to make investments, which combine with your original collateral to create your overall portfolio.

  • You can buy, sell and transfer cash within your loan's approved limits.
  • Your gearing level moves with the daily price movements of your portfolio and your transactions.
  • You must monitor your gearing level to make sure it stays below the approved limits.
  • Interest is calculated daily on your loan balance, and paid according to your loan arrangement.

Find out more in our short video on "What is a margin loan?"


Accelerate your wealth creation

Boost your potential capital growth and income by using your margin loan to buy more shares, ETFs or managed funds for your portfolio.

Flexible investing

Choose from a range of interest rate and repayment options – with no minimum loan balance requirements – to create the margin loan that suits you best.

Advanced strategies

Combine Exchange Traded Options with your margin loan to access strategies that can generate additional income or protect the value of your shares.

Invest tax effectively

Obtain potential tax deductions by claiming interest expenses. Bring forward interest expenses by prepaying interest. Potentially reduce your tax liability by buying more stocks that pay franked dividends.


Diversification – across various companies, industries and countries – can help to reduce investment risk. The extra purchasing power of a margin loan allows you to diversify as opportunities arise.

Unlock equity

Don't sell your shares to realise the equity in your portfolio – harness its borrowing power with a margin loan. Defer capital gain (and loss) events, and build a larger portfolio at the same time.

Online tools

CommSec gives you all the tools you need to monitor your portfolio's performance, including online summaries, gearing ratios, loan statements, notifications and research.


If at any time you need to access the capital in your loan security, you can sell assets and transfer available funds online – effectively having cash on call when you need it.

Build wealth over time

A Regular Gearing Plan combines the power of gearing with the discipline of regular savings, helping you build wealth over the long term.


Market movements

A drop in the lending value of your portfolio (if the value of your stocks and funds falls) may mean you need to reduce your gearing level at short notice – also known as a margin call.

Interest rate movements

If interest rates rise, the overall costs of your investment may increase, potentially reducing your profits. Fixing your interest rate can help you avoid this risk.

Increased losses

A geared strategy can multiply your investment returns, but it can also increase your losses if the market moves against you.

Reduced lending ratios

Lending ratios are reviewed regularly and may be reduced even for securities you have purchased in the past – this may trigger a margin call.

Why a CommSec Margin Loan?

Your CommSec Margin Loan comes with a range of useful tools and support to help you effectively manage your loan.

Useful tools include:

  • What-if calculator – simulate the impact of trades and market movements on your Portfolio.
  • Risk management – automated SMS notifications to help you manage your loan and avoid a margin call.
  • Self-service – top up cash or make transfers on your loan anytime and view your loan position and share performance on the go with the CommSec Mobile App.
  • Easily monitor the market – set up free, unlimited share alerts sent straight to your mobile.

Over 15 years' margin lending experience

Our margin loan product was recently announced winner of Money Magazine’s “Best Featured Margin Loan” for 2018. Through constant innovation and a continued focus on customer service, we're also committed to maintaining our five-star Canstar rating for outstanding value.

Access to the CommSec Platform

As a CommSec Margin Loan customer, you'll also have access to our market-leading integrated trading platform across desktop, tablet and mobile – so, you'll always have access to real-time stock information, research and up-to-date loan details in the same place.

You can also use our website to transfer funds, update your personal details and access a detailed transaction history, at any time.

Service and support:

We're also on hand with the support you need to help you make the most of your margin loan. Talk to our experienced Account Managers between 8am and 6pm (Sydney time) to help you manage your loan.

Case Studies

Take a look at these different approaches to using a margin loan and consider whether they could potentially help you maximise your returns.

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For more information on margin lending, please contact us on 13 17 09 (8am to 6pm, Sydney time, Monday to Friday) or email us at commsecbusinessdevelopment@cba.com.au

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Risk Disclosure

Whilst borrowing to invest can multiply your investment returns, it may also multiply your losses if the value of your investment falls and this may result in the value of your security being insufficient to repay your loan. Margin loans involve risk – see the CommSec Margin Loan Risk Disclosure, Disclaimer and Important Information.