Commodities outlook: CBA forecasts for oil, gold, iron ore & coal

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Evening Report

16 July 19, 4.30pm (AEST). Aussie shares fell away from a flat start to finish near intraday lows all while extending the market’s losing streak to three days. The ASX 200 eased by 12pts or 0.18 per cent. PREVIOUS REPORT

Year in Review; Year in Preview

1 Jul 19. Total returns on Australian shares have lifted by 11.4% over 2018/19 to a smidgen below record highs.

Home building hits 3-year low

10 Jul 19. The number of dwelling starts fell by 5.6 per cent in the March quarter.

Melb-Syd passenger growth slows

16 Jul 19. Aussie domestic travel demand weakened in the lead up to the Federal Election. Passenger numbers are growing at the slowest rate in 6½-years.

Value of renovation loans hit record low

11 Jul 19. The value of owner-occupier home loans fell by 2.7 per cent in May with investment loans down 1.7 per cent.

Chinese growth hits a 27-year low

15 Jul 19. China's growth continued to moderate in the June quarter to the weakest pace of growth in at least 27 years.

Record inbound migration

12 Jul 19. Tourist arrivals rose by 6.3 per cent in May – the biggest monthly lift in international visitors since April 2017.  Aussie tourist departures lifted by 5.8 per cent. 

Sydney & Brisbane petrol prices surge

15 Jul 19. Motorists are likely to experience petrol price pain in coming weeks if current international prices are any guide.

The Week Ahead

12 Jul 19. All-important June employment report will hog the headlines towards the end of the week. The minutes of the Reserve Bank’s July 2 Board meeting - where interest rates were cut for a second successive month - are issued on Tuesday. WATCH VIDEO

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