Evening Report

18 Apr 19, 4.30pm (AEST). Aussie shares recovered to end the holiday shortened week flat on Thursday. The ASX 200 nudged 3 points higher to 6259.8 after initially falling on the jobs data release. PREVIOUS REPORT

Federal Election

15 Apr 19. Removal of uncertainty is important for investors, businesses and consumers. In the past seven elections, both the Aussie dollar and sharemarket have risen in the three weeks following poll day.

Federal Budget 2019/2020

2 Apr 19. The key features of budget 2019 were tax cuts and $100 billion in infrastructure spending over 10 years.

Jobs Growth Continues

18 Apr 19. Employment rose for the eighth straight month, up by 25,700 in March after a revised 10,800 increase in jobs in February

Dividend Imputation

15 Apr 19. Labor's dividend imputation reform proposal will extend the system where imputation credits can be used to reduce tax, but will end the system where excess dividend imputation credits can be used for cash refunds. Read the fact sheet for more information. 

Solid Budget foundations confirmed

17 Apr 19.  The PEFO report has confirmed that a small budget deficit is expected in 2018/19 with a small surplus expected in 2019/20.

Firm spending growth in March

17 Apr 19. The pace of economy-wide spending is continuing to lift according to CBA's BSI. 

China data dump

17 Apr 19. The Chinese economy grew by 1.4% in the March quarter, in-line with consensus expectations. But the annual growth rate was unchanged at 6.4% in the March quarter.

The Week Ahead

18 Apr 19. Another shortened week in Australia due to Easter Monday and ANZAC Day public holidays. The all-important Consumer Prices Index (CPI) data is issued on Wednesday. WATCH VIDEO

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