How do I become CHESS sponsored?

CHESS sponsorship is automatically applied to all newly opened CommSec Equity Trading accounts. If your account is CHESS sponsored it will have a unique HIN number.

If your accounts not CHESS sponsored, you can apply for a CHESS sponsorship by completing the following  'Transfer of Holdings FROM another broker to CommSec' form located here.

Please complete sections A (CommSec account details) & Section E (CHESS agreement) on the form. Once completed, please email your completed form to:

Important Information - Although this form is primarily used for transferring existing Broker sponsored shares to CHESS, it can be used to apply for a CHESS Sponsorship without having to transfer any shares.

We will endeavour to process your request within 1 to 2 business days upon receipt. You will also receive a notice from ASX Settlement Pty Ltd (ASX Settlement) to confirm that CommSec is your CHESS Sponsor. All future trades will settle under your CHESS sponsorship with CommSec.

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