PID – what it is, how to find it

PID stands for Participant Identification Number (or Participant ID). It’s used to identify organisations authorised to trade on the market, or to settle and clear trades with the market.

Keep in mind

  • Only shares that are sponsored (i.e. managed/held) by a broker or custodian will have an associated PID.
  • If your shares are sponsored by the share registry (i.e. issuer sponsored), then you will have a Securityholder Reference Number (SRN) instead.

CommSec’s PID is 1402

Use 1402 in forms when you need to specify CommSec’s PID.

Other brokers’ PIDs – most common ones

ANZ Share Investing (uses CMC Markets for trading and settlement)


Bell Direct (uses Third Party Platform Pty Ltd)


Bond Street Custodians – Portfolio Service


Citibank/Citicorp, Saxobank and IG Markets


CMC Markets


HSBC Custody Nominees (Australia) and BT Financial Group


JB Were


nabtrade (known as Wealthub Securities Limited)




Westpac Online Investing (uses Australian Investment Exchange Limited)


Information as at 03/08/2020. CommSec can’t be held responsible if the information is incorrect. It’s best to confirm the PID by one of the methods below.

Other broker’s PID – how to find it

Quickest method: your CHESS statement

Check your most recent CHESS statement that includes the shares you’re dealing with. You’ll find the PID in the top-right corner of the statement:

Alternate method: contact your broker

Your broker may have sent you a statement containing the PID. If not, you can always contact them for help.



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