Settlement - How to pay or receive funds for a trade

When you buy or sell shares, a process called T+2 settlement takes place where ownership of the shares is exchanged for money between the buyer and seller. This occurs on the second business day after the trade takes place.

What's covered in this article?

  • If you're buying shares
  • If you're selling shares
  • If you buy and sell within two days
  • Knowing how much and when
  • Understanding your settlement amount

If you're buying shares

We'll automatically debit your linked bank account two business days after your trade. Make sure you've got sufficient funds by 8am that day.

If we can't debit the required funds on T+2, you may be charged a late settlement fee.

If you're selling shares

Proceeds will be automatically credited into your linked bank account two business days after the trade. It may take another business day for you to be able to access those funds.

If you buy and sell within two days

We'll offset your buys and sells so that we debit/credit the difference. We call it contra. To find out more, search "If I buy then sell shares" or look for help under Related Support.

Knowing how much and when

There are two ways to find out when your settlement is due and how much it will be:

1. Your trade confirmation note that's emailed to you
  • For Buys - look for the Total Cost on the Settlement Date
  • For Sells - look for the Net Proceeds credited on the Settlement Date
2. The estimated settlement calculator

The estimated settlement calculator is located on the homepage after you log in to CommSec. This is handy if you've bought or sold multiple times within two days because the calculator will aggregate the amount.

Understanding your settlement amount

Sometimes a debit or credit to your settlement account could be the difference between your buys and sells (this is known as “contra” and it may apply if you do multiple trades within two days).

If you want to check how much you have been credited/debited for each individual trade, you can do this online. Log in to your CommSec account and go to “Portfolio”. Select “Accounts” and then click on the “Transactions” tab. If you can’t see the transaction you’re looking for, try adjusting the date range and make sure you’re viewing the right account.


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