How do I buy shares for my children?

There are a few ways to buy shares for your child or children with CommSec.

1. Buy shares in an informal trust such as a CommSec Minor Trust Account.

By opening a Minor Trust Account, you create an informal trust. This trust makes you a trustee, the owner and operator of the account, which allows you to buy and hold shares on behalf of your child (the beneficiary of the trust). Once the beneficiary has turned 18, these shares can be transferred out of the Minor Trust Account and into an account in the beneficiary’s own name using an Off-Market Transfer, which typically incurs a transfer fee.

Some benefits and features of a CommSec Minor Trust Account include:

  • Minor Trust Accounts are CHESS-sponsored with their own HIN.
  • Trustees can access separate reports and statements for each Minor Trust Account they hold.
  • You can group multiple minors under the one Minor Trust Account, or create separate Minor Trust Accounts for each minor. There's no limit to how many Minor Trust Accounts you can create.
  • It’s easy to set up and get started.
  • Trustees aren’t required to provide an Australian Company Number (ACN) or a certified trust deed.

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2. Buy shares in your own individual trading account

This method doesn’t require any additional set-up and simply involves you purchasing shares in your own individual trading account, with the intention of transferring those shares to your child later. Then, when the beneficiary turns 18, they can create their own CommSec Share Trading Account, to which you can transfer any shares you hold using an Off-Market Transfer.

3. Buy shares in a Formal Trust Account

This option is a bit more complex. You can also buy shares for your child by opening a Formal Trust Account. However, before doing so, a trust (such as a Family Trust), with a Trust Deed, will have to be already formed. You’ll have to supply a copy of the certified Trust Deed when applying. All the trustees listed on the Trust Deed will also need to be applicants on the account’s application. 

Some of the features of Formal Trust Accounts include:

  • Trustees can access separate reports and statements for each Trust Account.
  • You can create and hold multiple Trust Accounts in your name.

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Important information

We recommend consulting with a taxation professional before proceeding with any of the above options.


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