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How do I retrieve my Client and ID and Password

If it has been a while since you used your CommSec account and you cannot remember your CommSec Client ID or password, you can retrieve these easily through the website:

Retrieve your Client ID

Reset your Password

If you are a NetBank customer, you can also log into NetBank and toggle over to CommSec by clicking on the button in the top left corner. More info

How do I manage my account details?

If your account is already set up, you can access our online Service Centre via the CommSec App or under the Support tab on our website. The Service Centre gives you an easy and secure way to manage most of your account needs. This includes checking the status of additional product applications and updating your details such as your email address or bank details.

How can I check my settlement account?

Need to check the bank account you have linked for settlement? Simply login to the CommSec website and click on the Portfolio Tab. You will find your linked settlement account number under your CommSec trading account number. To update your settlement account click Support and select Change of settlement account from the Service Request section, located in the centre of the page.

When do I need to pay for shares that I have bought?

Settlement occurs two business days after execution of a trade (known as T+2). On this day, it is important that funds are clear and available by 8am in the linked settlement account to avoid a $100 late settlement fee and/or the forced sale of your shares. For example, if you purchased shares on Monday 2 March, you need to have funds available in your linked settlement account by 8am on Wednesday 4 March.

I have an overdue settlement what do I do? Or your trade has been stopped because a deposit is required?

If you have received an email or SMS about your trade settlement being overdue OR your trade has been stopped because a deposit is required, all you need to do is transfer sufficient funds into your account. Here are some easy steps that can be done online.

  1. Transfer funds into your linked CommSec CDIA bank account


Not sure whether your order has been executed?

To check on the status of an order, login to CommSec, select "Trading" in the main menu, click on "Manage Orders" and then select Executed Orders in the “View” dropdown menu.


How can I get a stock price?

It’s quick and easy to get a quote online. Simply login to your account and use our stock quote search tool at the top of the website. You can also use the CommSec App and select “Get a Quote” from the ‘More’ menu.

How can I download a portfolio statement as proof of holdings (e.g. to provide to Centrelink, accountant or bank)?

You can easily view and download a snapshot of your investment portfolio in PDF and CSV format. Click this FAQ to show you how.


How do I place a trade?

If you are a first time investor, make sure to visit our Education Centre as it has lots of useful information and tips to help you started.

How do I confirm my trade has been placed?

Not sure if your trade has gone through? You should receive a confirmation note outlining the details of your trade. If you are still unsure, you can check whether any recent orders have executed by logging in to our website and clicking the Trading tab, then select Managed Orders, and view Executed orders.

What are CommSec’s fees and charges?

For CommSec brokerage fees and charges rates, click here

Get more from your account

Building your investment portfolio is just like building anything — you need the right tools for the job. CommSec’s great range of research and trading tools offers you just that.

Here’s a handy list of some of the tools and resources available as part of your CommSec account to get you investing online with confidence.

Quotes page

Get live stock prices and market data related to companies you might be looking to invest in, all from the one location.


Get the latest updates specific to the shares you hold, all in one place. Includes updates such as upcoming dividends, recent announcements, recommendation changes and more.


A customisable list that you can create to keep track of stocks you’re interested in.

Education Centre

Learn about the sharemarket, how and what to invest in and tips for getting the most out of the CommSec platform.

CommSec Mobile app

Monitor your stocks on the go and manage your portfolio anywhere, anytime. Receive up to the minute market news and get alerts for significant stock events.


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