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CommSecIRESS is our dynamic, real-time data-streaming and trading platform for ASX-listed securities, including Australian shares, warrants, ETFs and ETOs. Ideal for active traders, CommSecIRESS has a great range of features — historical data, market map, alerts and watchlists — all integrated with your portfolio for fast and easy order placement. And you can customise the desktop to suit your trading style.
CommSecIRESS is a flexible subscription service that allows you to subscribe each calendar month - so there's no ongoing commitment. And if you trade regularly, we'll even give you free access.1


Real-time data and quotes

Real-time, streamed market data and quotes for equities and derivatives mean that you can monitor the market and take opportunities as soon as they arise.

Enhanced charting

CommSecIRESS offers enhanced charting with a large range of indicators, drawing tools and historical data, so you can easily identify your next opportunity.

Fast, easy order placement

It's simple to trade from wherever you are on the platform. Simply right-click your mouse and you can place an order in seconds.

Extensive market watch

CommSecIRESS's market watch and alert capabilities, including market overviews, make it easy for you to keep an eye on your portfolio as well as potential investment opportunities.

Customisable desktop

You can tailor CommSecIRESS to your trading style by setting up the desktop to match your preferences and priorities.

Flexible access that’s FREE for regular traders

CommSecIRESS works on a flexible month-by-month subscription service, where if you execute 8 or more trades (or incur $220 or more in brokerage) in a subscribed month, on a CommSec Share Trading Account and/or a CommSec Options Trading Account, we waive the subscription fee.1

Rates and Fees


Cost per calendar month


Access to CommSecIRESS, charged in arrears for the previous calendar month.

$82.50 -  - or free if you place at least 8 eligible trades in a month, or spend $220 in brokerage. Please check our Financial Services Guide for the list of eligible trades.


Cost per calendar month

Standard International Markets

Live data feed of closing prices for international market indices.


Premium International Markets

Standard International Markets plus additional real-time indices and AAP Financial News.


Domestic Markets

Dow Jones Australian News


For a complete list of fees and charges that may apply to your account, please read our Financial Services Guide

Get started

Step 1

You need to be a CommSec client to subscribe. If you're not already a CommSec client, it's simple and free to join.

Step 2

To subscribe, you'll need a valid email address, plus a Direct Debit facility on one of your CommSec trading accounts to pay for CommSecIRESS.

Step 3

Once you've subscribed for the first time, you'll be prompted each month to renew your subscription.

Frequently asked questions

You subscribe for one calendar month at a time, so there's no long-term commitment. You can choose not to subscribe to the service for any given month(s) and will not be charged for this month(s). And you can resubscribe any time you like.

When you first login in a new calendar month you will be prompted to subscribe before you can access CommSecIRESS. Once subscribed, you will be able to access CommSecIRESS until the end of that calendar month.

Yes, so long as they are all placed on accounts linked to the Client ID that you use for your CommSecIRESS subscription. Trades placed on joint accounts that link to two or more Client IDs will only qualify for the Client ID that placed the trade. So, for instance, if you place a trade on an account you hold jointly with your spouse, that trade will count on your Client ID but not your spouse's.

If you meet the subscription criteria, the subscription process should take about five minutes.
Note: The subscription process will halt if you need to set up a valid email address or establish a Direct Debit facility. Once you have done this you can restart the subscription process.

You don't need to unsubscribe. Once you have registered, you can simply choose not to subscribe in subsequent months for as long as you like. If you do not subscribe to CommSecIRESS you will not be charged.

No. Additional services are treated separately for billing purposes. You will be billed for any additional services you choose.

Yes. Each month when you subscribe for CommSecIRESS your email address, direct debit and additional services details will default to selections from the previous month and you are asked to confirm or change them if necessary.

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With our free CommSec Mobile App you can watch the market, manage your portfolio and trade shares on the go. Stay up-to-date with live quotes, news and announcements, plus use our charts to identify your next trading opportunity.

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Place 8 or more trades in a calendar month OR incur brokerage of $220 in a calendar month to qualify for free access to CommSecIRESS for that month. Standard subscription does not include any additional services such as Standard International Markets, Premium International Markets and Domestic Markets. These services are also excluded from free access and will be charged separately. The terms of use is subject to the CommSecIRESS Subscription Agreement which is available in the Subscriptions section of the CommSec website.



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