Let us watch the market for you

With Conditional Trading you can keep your investment strategy on track, even when you can't watch the market every minute. Conditional Orders allow you to set specific conditions to buy or sell shares at a certain price if a share reaches that price in the market - and we'll place your order without you having to contact us. There is no cost* to place a conditional order.


Choose an order to suit your strategy

You can choose from six different Conditional Orders to help implement your investment or trading strategy based on your defined price and order parameters.

Choose where you place and manage Conditional Orders

You can place and manage Conditional Orders through the CommSec website, CommSecIRESS or over the phone on 13 15 19.

Keep informed about your Conditional Orders

You can elect to receive SMS and/or email notifications when your Conditional Order instruction is received, fired, purged or expires.

Rates and fees

Conditional Orders are free to place and there is no fee when a Conditional Order is triggered. Standard brokerage rates apply if your order is executed.

Get started

Open a CommSec Share Trading Account

Be up and running in as little as 5 minutes. Start by choosing one of the options below:

Trade from $10.00

Buy and sell shares using a CommSec Share Trading Account with our cash account - with it you can seamlessly settle trades, transact and earn interest.

Trade from $29.95

Buy and sell shares using a CommSec Share Trading Account with your existing bank account.

Frequently asked questions

You must be a CommSec CHESS sponsored client and you must have authorised a direct debit on your linked bank account (CommSec Margin Lending accounts are excluded as fees will be charged to your loan).
You and all other account holders must read and understand the Conditional Trading Terms and Conditions and Risk Disclosure Statement.

Then, the next step is to subscribe to conditional trading on the Commsec website. You can do this by logging into the Commsec website, go to Portfolio > Offers & Apply > Subscriptions > Conditional Orders

You can only place Conditional Orders on stocks listed on the ASX. Conditional Orders are not available for Warrants and Exchange-Traded Options.

You can place a Conditional Order on the website at Trading > Conditional Orders > Place Conditional Orders or on CommSecIRESS at Equities > Place Conditional Orders. You can also place Conditional Orders over the phone by contacting us on 13 15 19 between 8am and 6pm (Sydney time), Monday to Friday. Please note that your Conditional Order trigger can only be fired when the ASX is open and your security trades in accordance with the order type and trigger price.

You can view the status (Outstanding, Fired, Cancelled) of your Conditional Orders on the CommSec website and CommSecIRESS. Once you're logged in to the CommSec website, go to Trading > Conditional Orders > Manage Conditional Orders to view status. For CommSecIRESS, click on the Equities menu, then select Manage Conditional Order.
Outstanding triggers remain until they are fired, cancelled or purged 12 months after the instruction was placed or by the ASX.
You can also elect to receive notification by email or SMS at Portfolio > Offers & Apply > Subscriptions > CTS & Alert Settings. Notification will be sent when your Conditional Order instruction (place, amend or cancel) has been received, fired, purged or expires. You can elect to receive Order Notification by email on your account at Portfolio > Accounts > Account Details and if your Conditional Order instruction has fired, you will also receive an Order Notification email when the order is placed (the order resulting from your trigger).
If you have opted to receive confirmation by email, you will receive an emailed confirmation when the order has been executed.

You can cancel a Conditional Order before it is fired by going to Trading > Conditional Orders > Manage Conditional Orders or going to Equities > Manage Conditional Orders in CommSecIRESS. You can amend your trigger limit or units at any time free of charge prior to the trigger firing.
You can also amend or cancel a Conditional Order over the phone by calling us on 13 15 19 between 8am and 6pm (Sydney time), Monday to Friday.

When a Conditional Order is fired, the order will be processed in the same way as if you had placed the share order directly. Conditional Orders that are triggered and accepted remain in the market subject to CommSec's General Conditions of Trade and Trading Rules (up to 20 Trading Days for standard accounts, and five Trading Days for Margin Lending accounts).

There may be instances where the Conditional Order is fired and the resulting order is not accepted or executed. Examples include:
- Order is not accepted because of insufficient deposit to place a buy order or insufficient units to place a sell order.
- Order is not executed fully or partially if there is insufficient demand in the market at your nominated price level. This may be the case where the security price has moved beyond your order price.
- Order is purged from the market due to a change in the basis of quotation or a trading halt for the security.
- Order has expired (up to 20 trading days for standard accounts, and five trading days for Margin Lending accounts).
- Order is not accepted, limit price is too far from the last traded price.
- Order is in breach of ASX Market Integrity Rules.

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Important information

Brokerage rates apply if your order is executed, to buy and sell shares.

^ To be eligible, you must trade online, be CHESS Participant Sponsored with CommSec and settle your trades through either a Commonwealth Direct Investment Account (CDIA) or a CommSec Margin Loan.



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