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Investing Fundamentals covers key topics, providing a comprehensive overview of the ins and outs of investing.

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Understand the basics


The best place to begin your investing journey is to get a handle on the fundamentals. So that’s where we’ll start. 

In this topic:

logic of investing The logic of investing

How investing actually works and why we invest at all.

Investing 101 The fundamentals

The key principles you should get to know before you jump into share investing.

Essential terminology Essential terminology

ETFs, dividends, and settlement. You've heard the terms, now find out what they mean.

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Define your investment goals


While all investors have the same fundamental reason for investing – to grow their wealth – your personal investing goals will be uniquely yours. In this topic, we’ll help you discover and define them.

In this topic:

Structured learning Your investment goals

Understand how your goals and aspirations affect the investment decisions you make.

Bite sized lessons Budgeting

Building your investment portfolio takes time. Here we’ll outline some common techniques for making it happen.

Bite sized lessons The bigger picture

In defining your fundamental investment goals, we’ll show you why it’s crucial to also consider your home, super, and any other assets.

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Build your investment strategy


Having a strategy is the key to success in many areas of life. Investing is no different. In this topic, we introduce the fundamental concepts involved in building a strategy, helping you reduce risk and make informed decisions over the long term.

In this topic:

The value in having a strategy The value of a strategy

We explore the benefits of getting your investment strategy into shape at the outset, while accepting that it will evolve over time.

Investment strategies and investment types Investment strategies and types

To help you determine your strategy, we cover – and compare – the main approaches to investing.

Consistency & compounding Consistency and compounding

We show why investing consistently and using the power of compounding are two hallmarks of an effective, long-term investment strategy.

The value in diversification Diversification

We explore the benefits of diversifying your portfolio: what it means, why it matters, and how to do it.

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Learn how to research and trade

In our first three topics, we looked at the ‘why’ of investing. Now we show you the ‘how’. Having developed your goals, and the strategies to move towards them, we give you practical guidance on using CommSec – Australia’s number one online trading platform.

In this topic:

How to setup your CommSec account Setting up your account

Before placing your first trade, you’ll need to set up your account and access the CommSec trading platform. Here’s how to do it.

How to research using CommSec's tools How to research

CommSec is much more than a trading platform. Here we introduce the range of research tools available to help you identify potential investments that align with your strategy.

How to place a trade How to trade

You’ve done the hard work of defining your goals, developing a strategy, and building your knowledge. Now it’s time to learn how to place a trade.

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Manage and analyse your progress


In this final topic, we cover why it’s important to regularly track and monitor your investments. We also introduce you to some of the common methods investors use to guide their decision making on future investments.

In this topic:

Value in keeping track Keeping track

Investing is just the start. Analysing your portfolio and the market regularly is an integral part of measuring your progress to see how you’re tracking.

Benchmarking your progress Benchmarking your progress

We show you how to understand how your portfolio is performing, and what to compare it against, so you can plan your next move.

Rebalancing Rebalancing

As time passes and values fluctuate, your portfolio could become unbalanced. We discuss why it’s good to consider rebalancing it and what that involves.

Analysing and measuring risk Analysing and measuring risk

By its nature, investing entails risk. In this final topic, we help you understand risk and decide how much risk you’re comfortable with when it comes to your portfolio.

In the Spotlight Series, we shine a light on a range of investment topics, including alternative investment opportunities.

International Markets
Looking to build a diversified portfolio to help reduce your investment risks? We look at the many options for expanding your portfolio beyond Australian shores.
Looking for a simple way to start your investment journey? Exchange Traded Funds have surged in popularity recently. We’ll explain why.


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